Simple Sparkling Cocktail

Sparkling wine is one of my favorite things. Cocktails are another. How to combine the two is a great question. We are fortunate to live in (now nearby) a small city with a big love for the art of mixed drinks. And many of them feature at least a splash of sparking wine floating on top. And every time I get to enjoy one, I think of how I should amp up my cocktail-making at home. But I often stick to the basics – vodka or rum mixed with seltzer and some lemon or lime; a mojito (especially now that we’ve got mint growing in the garden again) or a fresh margarita. I’ve also been keeping a supply of frozen grapefruit juice discs on hand for adding to prosecco for a punch. But even that was getting old.

So, last night I decided to use up some of the fresh berries we’ve had in the fridge. This is hardly a recipe, but more of a refreshing (arguably healthy?) way to spice up some bubbly. It’s as simple as muddling together some chopped strawberries, blueberries and fresh mint with a little granulated sugar. Spoon the fruit into a glass and fill with whatever sparkling wine you have on hand. I think it would be a great with a little lemon or ginger simple syrup, as well, in place of straight sugar (you can see more on simple syrup in the Lemon-Lemon Birthday Cake post.) And, of course, try swapping the mint for basil, rosemary or thyme and changing up the fruit. Endless possibilities…cheers!

IMG_3224 (2)


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