The Makings of a Recipe Post

So, this will be my first attempt at a recipe post. Of course, I’m not in any sort of rhythm with this whole thing, so photos are lacking. But this recipe is definitely worthy of sharing anyway.

One of my favorite food blogs is Half Baked Harvest. Not only are her photos gorgeous, but she has a lovely writing voice and, above all, everything I’ve ever tried from the site has been a winner. Her recipes are creative and tend to go above and beyond where you think a typical recipe would stop. Amazing stuff.

So, when I noticed asparagus on sale AGAIN I rushed right over to see what I might be able to do to break us out of our asparagus rut. Charred Asparagus Cream Pasta with Blackened Lemon Chicken. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. My only regret is accidentally forgetting the lemon and having to use a sub for goat cheese. Because some people are crazy and don’t like it. But I used some fresh mozzarella and we survived. I had also tried out a new whole wheat foccacia recipe Sunday for some upcoming panini later on the week and that was a welcome addition to the pasta, no doubt. Of course, I failed to get a photo of the final assembled dish even though we ate it Monday AND Tuesday. But I encourage you head over to Half Baked Harvest to check out the full recipe and the amazing photography.

In short, it starts with paprika, garlic, brown sugar and more blended with olive oil and poured over the chicken. I let mine marinate for about an hour and quickly whipped up the pesto (I made a double-ish batch because we’ll need it for something else later in the week…I wound up using kale as my green for this because we had a ton on hand, though I would love to use arugula next time, but it’s still really, really good with the kale!) while we got the Bug settled for reading and bedtime. Then I got the pasta water boiling. We are big whole wheat pasta people here, so that’s what I used. Because of the amount of chicken I wanted to cook and how late it already was by the time I got started, I wound up breaking out the electric griddle, which worked really well. I got the chicken going and prepped the asparagus. Once the chicken was done, I threw the asparagus on to sear. After draining the pasta, I added pesto, cream and torn pieces of fresh mozzarella. Serve with sliced chicken and asparagus spears, done. And don’t forget the foccacia! I’ll talk more about that in a future post. It was really easy and came out better than expected, so I will definitely be making that again and will take photos of that process next time!


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