Three Whisks

Here we are, first post! Starting a food blog has long been something I’ve wanted to take on, but I tend to get a bit lazy with these things. Take, for example, the blog I started for our daughter. I stumbled upon it earlier today and noticed it hadn’t been updated since just after her first birthday. And she’s now 3 1/2. So. Not much has changed with her, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’ve loved food for quite some time and dessert obsession even led me to go to college for Baking & Pastry Arts. Real life has taken me down a different career path, but the idea of running my own food business has stuck with me. For now, this will have to do.

In addition to using this blog as a place to write about our adventures in weekly meal planning, I have just signed up to join The Daring Kitchen, a group of people from all over the world that are brought together every month by a rotating host that selects a secret recipe posted in a private forum. The participants have a due date to create and then post about that month’s recipe publicly on their own blog. I actually participated quite a few years back, but eventually slacked off one too many times and let it go. Since then, I’ve come a long way with a dedication to trying new recipes often, branching out with flavors and styles of cooking, encouraging my daughter to at least taste just about anything and stay mostly healthy and homemade. I meal-plan every week and have started getting into bread baking, so if nothing else, I’ll be able to keep a handle on what we’ve had and what we might like to have again.


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